Expectant Moms

There are so many things in my house that need to be done badly. The fridge needs to be cleaned, the oven needs cleaned, neglected areas of the house need a good overhaul…etc. and mom-to-be physically can’t do it.

As the arrival of a new baby nears, it may become more difficult to physically complete the day-to-day chores. Many moms-to-be might even find themselves “nesting” and want to add the final touches to the nursery, or readjusting furniture throughout the home to fit the new arrival. This may be a crucial time for the family to rely on outside help so that they can instead focus on other details such as adjusting to and preparing for the new changes in their life.

Let us help out!  Either mom-to-be can hire us, or give it as a wonderful gift (makes a great baby shower gift!!).  Contact us today for more information.